DUX DAO is a web 3.0 ecosystem powerhouse focused on empowering people and organizations in the GameFi sector. As a pioneer in the LATAM market, DUX DAO has become a global leader in tech development for the upcoming internet generation, encouraging the onboarding of anyone who wants to be an entrepreneur in the metaverse, NFTs and P2E games.


Dapp Dux is a decentralized application for Games and Metaverse. A complete experience at your fingertips. In one place, you will access all DUX applications and a platform of solutions to serve the community, partners and customers in a broad way.


New P2E projects, game developers and publishers will be able to raise capital giving access to early-stage token sales for our community of investors. Early joiners of potentially successful projects always benefit the most and Dux provides these opportunities with the security of thoughtful curation and a rigorous KYC process.


The easier way to withdraw your profits. Crypto-to-fiat gateway to facilitate payment, giving access to all P2E lead gaming tokens and credit/debit cards to members.





DUX is a platform ecosystem oriented towards the empowerment of the web 3 industry in the LATAM market. Through our digital platform, we connect all category stakeholders in one place, delivering services and resources to encourage the formation of a virtuous environment of entrepreneurship and stimulate benefits generated by the network effect and the development of mutually attractive businesses.


Through the DUX platform, our community members can access the exclusive cutting-edge solutions that made Dux the largest and fastest guild in Latin America.

Doesn’t matter if you’re just a player wanting to get together with your friends and take your first steps in P2E games or a guild with thousands of scholars, DUX’s platform unleash your full potential.

Dux offers technological resources so anyone, anytime, can reproduce our business model, follow in our footsteps and succeed in the metaverse, NFTs and P2E Games


Holding estate of art expertise throughout the entire pipeline of operations, Dux became the biggest and fastest growing guild in Latin America, providing specialized information, technical training and access to games for a community of more than 20 thousand people. But we don’t want to be recognized only as the biggest guild in the scene. We want to teach other guilds to grow as fast as we did and guide a large contingent of people to the new business and working options of the future.


DUX wants to become a global reference in the context of P2E games by 2023, being considered by its peers and partners as the Guild of Guilds – an indispensable technological infrastructure for any organization that wants to succeed in the realm of games, the metaverse and the web. 3.0


Our mission is to promote a profound socio-economic transformation in LATAM through the technological empowerment of our user base and the innovations arising from the web 3.0 economy. By 2030, we aim to get more than 100M people on board the metaverse, P2E gaming, securely and user-friendly integrate them into the Web 3.0 space.


In face of the complexity of our mission, Dux brings together a team of transdisciplinary specialists in its staff. Among them we have, Game Developers, Futurists, Traditional and Market Capital Managers, Crypto analysts, Gamers, Venture capitalists and an active research team generating daily reports on the movement of the technology, cryptoassets and Play-to-Earn games market.

We understand that together these professionals will be essential for the development and selection of solid thesis, risk and return analysis, correlation between assets and any other necessary aspect to stand out.


To make a difference, you need to have great allies.

We have experienced and pioneering partners in the technology and crypto-economy market.


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